Thursday, 17 September 2009

Missed Opportunity - "Left Behind"

The Telegraph has reported on a new service for rapture believing Christians that I can't believe that I didn't think of earlier. Having spent so much time studying business in high school and university I am sorely disappointed in myself!

Eternal Earth-Bound Pets has started a service which, for a mere $110 payment, they will ensure that you pets are well looked after should you be swept up to heaven in the loving arms of Jebus in the coming rapture.

So, what exactly do you get for your $110 dollars?

Well according to their website, they have a self confessed sinners, blasphemers and atheists, all of whom have signed statements that they are moral people with no criminal records. These volunteers, currently spread across 22 states, will take in your pet and care for it in a loving environment. Not a bad investment.

So, whats the catch?

Well if the rapture doesn't happen in the next 10 years, you don't get your money back. You are also excluded from a refund if you loose your faith and end up left behind yourself.

What a wonderful concept, seriously, I wish I had thought of it. It brings together the stupidity and gullibility of these christian nuts, and gets them to part with their hard earned money. At least the money is going for a better cause than funding some hypocritical TV evangelist! I wish these guys the best and hope they make millions!

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  1. I'm a sinner too, and most probably a blasphemer. Where do I sign?