Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Hypocrisy in Free Speech

This may sound a little funny coming from an anonymous blogger, but this is exactly why I am anonymous. It has become increasingly obvious that theists do not afford us non-theists the same courtesy or rights that they themselves expect and often take for granted.

Take my life on Facebook for example, under the "Religion" question on my account I have used a quote from Robert G. Ingersoll : "Religion can never reform mankind because religion is slavery". I have been told by quite a number of family members (all of whom are quite religious) that I should remove the quote, that it is disrespectful of their religion. How is that any different than me claiming that their religion being put as "Evangelical" is disrespectful of my beliefs. I would never do such a thing, I respect their right to their own belief, but it seems that I, as a non-theist, am not afforded the same luxuries.

I often post links to interesting stories, sites and videos that have to do with religion, science & reason, as do a couple of my friends. Again we are told off for doing so, told that these videos and sites offend them. If they are so offensive then don't watch videos or visit the websites, is that so hard? When they post links to pro-religious sites and prayers and such and that is perfectly OK, but not when I do it. I don't know how many private (and a few public) messages I have gotten from family members telling me to tone down my "anti-christian rhetoric" and "my hateful message of atheism" while these same people have messages praising God in their status damn near every day! I do not openly attack God or their religion, I simply share poignant quotes, messages, videos, stories and links that make one think, question and learn, yet I am not allowed to have my say and they are?

I have recently been trying to watch what I post and I have actually held back a lot of what I would like to share, being afraid of rocking the boat, but enough is enough. As long as I am not being mean spirited or hateful why should I back down or be silenced in my beliefs, why should any of us? Our non-theist ways and beliefs are just as valid!

Ahhh hypocrisy; isn't it funny how it attaches itself to religion in so many different ways!


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